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How does this work?

In a nutshell: you can submit ideas, from pet-projects to gamechanging startups, and turn your dreams into real projects. Funding is made by the community - that includes you!
A little more detailed: dreamtby.me is a community - that means each and every user is able to submit and fund projects they like. When you submit a project, it goes through a process designed to guarantee community-driven quality control. By then, its able to accept funding and anyone can help with it, be it with €1 or €10000.

My ideas, turned projects

First, let's be very clear about something: your ideas are yours to keep. That means we (or anyone else on the website) will not own any part of your idea. It does not mean, however, that you should keep your idea to yourself.
Let's see why: if you have a great idea and need the money to do it, you're able to come here, explain it and get that money. No loans, no microcredit or anything like that. You'll owe your supporters whatever you promise them (see more below) and nothing more. So, you see, there is no need to let go of your project plan and all that stuff - just tell the world what you want to build and why with enough to let people understand why it is worth their money.

Crowdfunding, anyone?

Nowadays, we're used to live in a social world. Let's imagine you need €1000 - is it easier to get that as a loan or to ask 1000 people for €1? What about asking 500 for €2? Welcome to crowdfunding.

What's the catch?

Only the projects who reach their goals completely (or go beyond them) get their money.
When you submit the project, you'll know exactly how much time your project is going to be accepting donations, how much are you collecting and exactly what you get in the end. We're here to help, not to complicate matters.

What do I get for funding a project?

When you look at a project's information, you'll see a section about rewards. The promoter(s) of the project choose and detail what you'll get according to the donation amount - you'll get to see that before making any donation and that helps you choose how much you want to give.

OK, you convinced me. When can I submit my project?

We had trouble making a decision on this one.
Thing is, we could launch a run-of-the-mill crowdfunding platform with all the bells and whistles in a couple weeks. However, that would underserve the community and what we want to build for you. We're exploring a different angle of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding projects and ideas, indeed making dreams come true - that takes a little more time and effort than the average website.
In the meantime, you might want to stay on the loop by joining our launch list or following us on twitter. We'll be looking for beta testers, so if you're interested drop us an email, and we'll get you sorted out.

Joana Martins, a graduate in Management said to be a little too perfectionist for her own sake. She deals with a lot of the corporate stuff and also has design and coding skills to help out here and there as need arises.

Nuno Polónia, currently undertaking a MsC in Computer Engineering, has an eye for detail and makes sure we have a solid platform while keeping our feet on the ground and our minds sharp. Aside from his coding skills, he always puts a smile on our faces.

Tomé Duarte, taking a MsC in Computer Engineering is an advocate of entrepreneurship. He likes to build stuff instead of just talking about it, and is in charge of our business development, being passionate about Lean Startups. Oh, he also knows how to code.